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Best Vehicle Type for You – St. Louis, MO


In the world of automobiles, nothing is simple anymore. Buyers have dozens and dozens of options, from compact cars to large and spacious SUVs, from powerful pickups to efficient hybrids. But at Gateway Easy Auto Credit Help, we think options are a good thing. With choices like these, it’s easy to find a vehicle that’s perfect for your needs. Here we help you get started in picking the perfect automobile by outlining the pros and cons of the main auto segments.

The Pros and Cons of an SUV

Crossovers and SUVs have become the most popular segment for all sorts of lifestyles. They’re a great alternative to the minivan for family travel, winning families over with their modern, luxurious designs and their towing and off-roading capabilities. You can seat anywhere from five to nine passengers in a small to large SUV, with plenty of room left over for cargo. Whatever you can’t fit in the cabin can easily be towed or stored on a roof rack.


SUVs are capable and powerful, particularly those which are modeled after pickups. But at the same time, SUVs tend to offer the latest technology and luxury inside of the cabin for a sophisticated and pleasant passenger experience. Plus, SUVs tend to be one of the safest options on the road. They usually offer a number of preventative driver assist technologies, airbags, plus their bigger size makes them safer in a collision.


However, the size of an SUV has its downsides as well. Even while many SUVs are equipped with intelligent engines for solid fuel economy, they’ll still never be as efficient as a smaller sedan. Their larger size also makes them more difficult to maneuver, and not ideal for city travel or parking in tight spaces. Compared to sedans, SUVs are the more expensive option, and may cost more for repairs as well.


An SUV might be more costly than a sedan, both upfront and in the long run. However, for many families, that extra cost is worth it for the roomy cabin, the capability, and the security of smart safety features and a strong presence.

The Pros and Cons of a Car

The basic car is not so basic anymore. Today’s car market ranges from the simple and inexpensive to the high-end and luxurious. The variety alone is one of the biggest plus-sides to opting for a car, whether you choose an efficient, hybrid sedan for family travel, a roomy and nimble hatchback, or a sporty coupe.


Many of the biggest pros to choosing a car come from its smaller size. Sizes range from the sub-compact, which is often extremely efficient and fun to drive, to the large sedan, which is roomy and ideal for family travel. Today’s cars often offer a surprising amount of amenities and smart features, sometimes making them just as thoughtful and enjoyable to ride in as an SUV. Cars are often equipped with their own list of standard and available safety features, such as airbags and tools like stability control. Some cars are even available in four-wheel drive, making them safer in tough driving situations.


Because they’re smaller, lighter, and require less energy to accelerate, cars are capable of getting the best possible gas mileage of any type of vehicle. This means that they’re better for the environment and your wallet. Their small size also leads to a peppier acceleration, a more thrilling performance, and easier maneuverability.


On the downside, cars offer less room in the cabin, making them less than ideal for larger families or long road trips. The back row isn’t quite as easy to access as it would be in an SUV, and the cargo space is less generous than in an SUV as well. Plus, cars are not built to tow, meaning there are fewer options for bringing along gear when you want it.


If you’re fine with sacrificing towing capability, possible off-roading, and ample space, then a car is a great option. They’re fun to drive and can be relatively inexpensive. And with today’s standards of technology and safety, you won’t feel like you’re missing out on any cool gear.

The Pros and Cons of a Truck

It used to be that pickups were just for work, which is still their area of expertise. However, these days pickup trucks offer a lot more comfort, more cabin sizes, and plenty of features making them a good choice for family transportation as well.


The biggest advantage to the pickup, and the reason why most people choose these workhorses, is their power and capability. Trucks come with various gas and diesel engine options, some of them geared towards fuel efficiency. Their powertrains pump out impressive horsepower and torque, making it possible for some of these vehicles to tow and haul just about anything. Aside from towing, the bed of the truck is also a simple way to transport whatever you need. That versatility alone—the option to carry bikes, boats, couches, lumber, etc.—is a big reason to appreciate the pickup truck.

However, as with SUVs, a truck’s larger size is going to make it more difficult to maneuver. And even with the newer and advanced fuel-efficient engine options, pickups still use more gas than a car or a crossover. Plus, while today’s trucks can be bought with bigger and more passenger-friendly cabins, they still have less seats and less room than cars and SUVs.


If you anticipate frequent towing and off-roading, or value the versatility of unbeatable capability, then a pickup might be right for you. There’s still enough space to transport passengers from time to time, and enough safety features to feel secure about driving your family around. But if you’re more worried about comfort and efficiency than capability, a pickup may not be for you.

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We hope that our pros and cons outlines can help you start to get an idea of which vehicle will be perfect for you. But even after you’ve decided on a style, you’ll have plenty more options, from the brand to the model to the trim level. Let us help you find the right automobile for your needs. Call Gateway Easy Auto Credit Help to get your automotive questions answered!

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